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MANUAL THERAPY: Sports, Remedial and Swedish Massage combined with movement prescription for optimal outcomes.

Reduce Pain

Restore Movement

Increase Range of Movement

Inner Harmony/Healing

Treatments are beneficial for anyone suffering from muscular pain/injury. I use corrective exercise alongside treatments for better, longer lasting results. Massage can also be used for relaxation or as a preventative measure to keep your muscles healthy & aligned.

MASTERY: The improvement of musculo-skeletal and postural problems to reverse deterioration

The improvement of musculo-skeletal problems and postural problems, understanding the body as a whole instead of separate parts, reducing pain by finding YOUR why.


Swedish massage 30 minutes £30
Swedish or Sports Massage 1 hour £45
Swedish or Sports Massage 90 minutes £65
Swedish or Sports Massage 2 hours £85
Payments available online or in person